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The first woodworking producer with the pressed joints.



Arjan Choob was founded in 1984 as a workshop producer with the production of a television and library desk.In 1996, By purchase of modern machinery and the expansion of the production environment in a land area of 3000 square meters, the construction of several workshops became one of the largest wooden machinery factories in the large Khorasan province. In the year 2001, the company was named Arjan Choob Shargh, and by using creativity, experience, innovation in design and observe the principles of ergonomics according to the customers' needs and tastes, as well as the use of appropriate and quality materials and precise quality control of production lines, Has managed to advance in the wooden artifacts industry of Iran and has a distinguished position in this field as well as implementation of state and private projects. With more than 30 years of experience, Arjan Choob has been able to develop massive production of wooden products and implement projects, having experienced staff of by over 30 years of experience. Designing and equipping a variety of hotel furniture including suites, lobbies, restaurants, coffee shops and other places by products such as beds, wardrobes, kitchenware, chairs, drawer, buffet, and office products including a variety of desks, closets, partitions, wall panels and etc, are just the capabilities of this company. The company has been able to achieve the ISO 9001:2015 Certification by endeavoring to satisfy customers.

Arjan Choob has brought an unrivaled quality with the help of dedicated human resources.


سرویس خواب بزرگسال

Adults' Bedding Sets

At Arjanchoob ,we provide you the best of the best of Adults sets which you could sit together, read and relax. With our wide selection of Adults' Bedding Sets, you can design your room in veriaty ways. Causual or smart , modern or oldfashion . just touch the quality with our products.

سرویس خواب کودک و نوجوان

Kids' Bedding Sets

At Arjanchoob, we have a great variety of furniture which are full of fine details and which combines originality, modernity, uniqueness, and most importantly comfort. Make your kids' room full of life with our wide MDF & wood collection of bedrooms which are modern and luxurious.

سرویس اداری

Office Furniture Sets

You are the boss ! and deserve you the best, achieve your goals and With our elegant collection of office furniture sets, you can design your workplace the way which shows your attitude. boost the streangthen of your office with durabilty of our Office Furniture Sets


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